Breast pitcher philippine products
Code: K470
Name: Breast pitcher
Description: Acacia wood
Size/cm: l:13 lg:14 h:18


Candy tray carving table service philippines
Code: K407
Name: Candy tray
Description: Acacia + Rattan
Size/cm: d:17 h:6
Floor bowl knitted black philippine gift items
Code: K441
Name: Floor bowl knitted black
Description: Acacia wood
Size/cm: d:30 h:13
Swan basket large
Code: K405
Name: Swan basket large
Description: Kalantas wood
Size/cm: l:40 lg:20 h:32
Antique basket mixed
Code: K409
Name: Antique basket mixed
Description: Acacia + Rattan
Oblong tray philippine novelty products
Code: K402
Name: Oblong tray
Description: Acacia + Rattan
Size/cm: l:22 lg:12  h:4
Round tray with separation
Code: K429
Name: Round tray w/ separation
Description: Acacia + Rattan
Size/cm: d:31 h:9
Code: K404
Name: Swan Basket small
Description: Kalantas wood
Size/cm: l:30 lg:15 h:23
Code: K408
Name: Flower fruit tray medium
Description: Acacia wood
Size/cm: d:34 h:15
Tripod bowl fruit tray medium
Code: K460
Name: Tripod bowl fruit tray medium
Description: Kalantas wood
Size/cm: d:27 h:30

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